I think it will be worse to die and find out that there’s this totally bomb afterlife because then I would just be plagued with the knowledge that I spent my entire living life with this crippling fear of death.

Also, what if when you die you don’t know it until you run into your grandparents? And then it’s just like “aw, shit, seriously?”

Or what if we are just mindless bubbles of spirit whose only emotion is total euphoria? I am not kidding when I say that would suck?

Or what if, WHAT IF, you die and then your body starts decomposing and THAT IS THAT?
Because that’s probably that.

How do other people go about their day to day lives not worrying about this? Because me, me? I’m skipping my workout today because sometimes when I start thinking about death I realize how little cardio intervals and tricep pushups mean to me and the Big Picture.

I also have my period. First class ticket on the Depression Train to Suicide Town.