I skipped out of work slightly early today so that I could eat dinner at a normal time and lay in bed. It dawned on me that I'm the worst at updating this thing anymore so here is what's up.

We had decided to have our February 14 be relatively understated, as it's nearly impossible to get reservations at a decent place without some sort of campy "specialty" menu, and sharing a nice meal at home is rare for us. Brad loves food and treated me to a full plated meal, complete with a bottle of pink champagne ("Meal" feels like a inadequate, flimsy noun; it was more of a fully sensory experience of constant "oohs," "aahs," and "mmmmms.") I won't bore y'all with salacious descriptions of the steak and potatoes and asparagus that I devoured.


He slaved away while I happily drank nearly that entire bottle, after being surprised by a box of four giant macarons from my favorite (the only?) place to get them in Thousand Oaks.

Our evening was very sweet, but our actual celebration is this coming weekend. We're hittin' the road for our official Valenwine's Day in Cayucos... and then next month, we're going to the cooking class I bought for us in Hollywood. For someone who "doesn't like Valentine's Day," he certainly pulled out all the stops and made it really special for me.