Things I Have Done Today that Have Not Been Resting:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I only had to work from 7 to noon today, which was an excruciating five hours since my sickness has doubled in the last 24. I was relieved, though, that I got to go home at noon to nap away the sickness. Here is what I have done instead of that:

1. Baked pumpkin bread.
2. Listened to Christmas music super loud while home alone.
3. Stared in the mirror and berated all imperfections for 20 minutes.
4. Opened up the window and leaned out for 5 minutes and hoped I could think of a cool new topic to write about.
5. Decided to leave window open so the city sounds and warm breeze could travel into the room, which would obviously make me a better writer.
6. Closed the window because it is kind of warm out and I didn’t want to take off my long sleeve shirt (woe is the California girl on this 73 degree day!)
7. Said “I hate myself and want to die” 4 or 5 times while laying on the bed and looking at the ceiling.
8. Tweezed errant hairs on my body.
9. Looked at my toenails which are way too long and wondered if I should buy toenail clippers or just say fuck it and let my toenails be super gross and long.
10. Looked at my toenails some more.
11. Looked at my manicure and moaned like Tina from Bob’s Burgers for a full 6 and a half minutes. I am a full believer in that the state of my manicure is a direct reflection to the state of my mind, and this shit isn’t pretty.
12. Wrote in my blog.