My weekend was, as usual, too hasty.

Brad surprised me with six macarons from a cute little patisserie in Thousand Oaks and surprised me with them when I showed up to his house. This might sound like an annoying brag about how great my boyfriend is, but this was kind of a huge deal to me. We have known each other for so long, and one of the characteristics of our relationship that I really admire is our disinterest in flaunting it. We don't gush over each other and give each other showy gifts. I guess that's why it felt extra special; it was a surprise for no other reason than "I wanted to start the weekend off right."

...And then Disneyland was an utter disaster. We spent the first two hours of the drive searching through the Valley for junk food and (gag reflex!) Wienerschnitzel... a staple in Brad's diet. Yes, you read that correctly. Wienerschnitzel. After several more hours of gridlock down to Anaheim (not a complaint! I would happily sit in traffic in LA with Brad!), the park was packed. We did what any normal adult would do and started boozin'.

We went on the rollercoaster and figured we would head over to see if we could pick up some final Christmas gifts for people. Huge mistake. Even though it was "snowing" and the castle was beautiful and the decorations made me so happy... the crowds were horrible. We finally gave up and went home.

Saturday was beautiful and rainy and cold, so we got some Pho for lunch and then settled into our favorite weekend activity -- watching a marathon of Bar Rescue (have you guys seen this show? It's absolutely addicting and better than Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead and whatever else combined).

Yesterday we saw Inside Llewyn Davis down in LA and I highly recommend it if you are in a similar situation i.e. your dreams are dead, specifically your music dreams. The music was really great, the characters were cast perfectly, and I actually enjoyed an atypical not-so-happy ending. Plus Justin Timberlake sings folk songs and the guy who plays Adam on "Girls" has a few hilarious scenes that made me cry.

I've spent my day off wrapping gifts and eating delicious comfort food with my momma. Kinda feels like my misanthropy is melting away at the moment.