I'm probably not going to make it to the end of my work day without panicking and/or power napping.

I started working out more regularly a few weeks ago. Cardio every weekday morning. So, every resource ever suggests getting more exercise to help get rid of insomnia. BUT ever since I started getting exercise 5+ times a week again, the quality of my sleep has declined A LOT. I can’t stop waking up in the middle of the night. Regular exercise is also supposed to help with anxiety and depression; while the blues disappeared from my life shortly after I started, I woke up early early this morning dreading that I was about to be crushed to death by some unseen force at any second. Then I was overwhelmingly afraid that I was about to have a stroke. It’s scary for me to even type that thought out.

WHY AM I CRAZY? Do I have to trade in one mental disorder for another? Can I be fixed now please? All I want is to be a perfect human specimen. Is that so wrong?

I also downloaded Candy Crush and ran out of lives on level 17. Can't ask anyone for more lives because I don't have Facebook. Do you see how I am perpetually punished in every aspect of my life?