DAMN. You save a dog who got hit by a car and suddenly your life goes a million miles per minute like it don't even give a shit.

Previously, on Karin's Life: Brad and I hustled some Costco pizza Sunday night, and on our way back saw a crazy lady in the street hovering over her dog who appeared to be dead. She was wailing and screaming and had another dog on a leash. I ran to get her out of the street, Brad ran to check on the dog who was, in fact, not dead. Yeah, crazy lady, your dog is breathing, chill the hell out. Got it to the vet, everything was mostly fine.

Christmas was great. I got a pool floatie that looks like a donut. BECAUSE IT'S 80 DEGREES HERE, HA HA!

Meowy Christmas from me and this guy with the best eyes / hair / eyebrows / bod / clothes in the game.