My entire life I have been lied to.

I just ate my first (and second, third, fourth) Almond Joy ever. Almond Joys taste like Samoas. I bet Almond Joys are delicious frozen. Samoas are delicious frozen. I can't believe this. I don't know why more people aren't talking about these things. Why isn't chocolate-coconut-almond a thing? This should be all over Pinterest. Get your asses on your Pinterest boards and pin everything having to do with Almond Joys. Forget the chalkboard mason jar barn weddings and the workouts you will never, ever do and the haircuts you're too chicken shit to get and the dumb quotes about love that don't apply to your life and the DIY organizational coffee tables that are ugly and the engagement rings you'll never, ever receive from your boyfriends and the Nutella recipes and the fashion you ain't ever gonna wear and the self-obsessed, bitchy passive-aggressive quotes that you are pinning for one specific person and the really, really bad tattoos and start pinning Almond Joys.