My boss has a red carpet event tonight, which means I don't have to go in until later this afternoon. I've had the day to do preliminary Christmas shopping (oh, sorry, did I say "Christmas" shopping? I did? Good. Because that's what it is.), a few freelance writing jobs that have been tossed my way, and respond to emails that have gotten really backlogged over the past three weeks. I do love this job, and I love the paycheck... like, a lot. The fact that I scored a third week of regular work from this job feels like a huge accomplishment, considering it was originally a 3-day emergency situation.

Anyway, someone sent me an email with this image, no explanation, no subject, and no signature.

It made me laugh until I cried. The Women & Women First segment is absolutely one of my favorites (and I mean, is it even possible to have an actual favorite bit from the show?) and completely slays me. But this specific quote had me reeling. It's funny to me because every time I watch this sketch, without fail, every time... I'm reminded of the time my best friend completely stopped being involved in my life so that she could focus on writing a Young Adult novel (and by "writing a Young Adult novel" I actually mean "literally just sitting on Twitter all day"). That's what this sketch reminds me of. The phrase "queer horror" reminds me of the time my writer friend couldn't hang out cos Tweeting became more important to her than having a real life connection with me.

I just cannot with all these teenagers and their queer horror.