Monday, November 11, 2013

Remember all that anxiety I was having about my job? What an idiot. I was pulled aside and told how much I'm appreciated the next day. It was (PLOT TWIST!!!) all in my head.

So yeah, I’m kind of fine again. It was a wave. I told you that. Wave came crashing, boo. I survived. Held on to the metaphorical palm tree of life. You get it. Typhoon joke. Not really. Jeez. Calm down. I donated 10 dollars to the relief fund, not that it matters cause I really was just kidding.

Hey, rich people! Email me about an endorsement deal. I’ll date you. Just kiddin'. I just want a new wardrobe and the pasta attachment for my Kitchenaid. Just give it to me. Ahhh! Jokes! Jesus! Back off! Fine, I’ll do it. I’m around on Wednesday if you are. 2ish? Cool? We can get Coffee Bean. The winter tea latte! Can we talk!?!? Yumpscious for days and a halfsies.

Tried to watch a movie today. Fell asleep for mad hours on cold medicine that I don't need, peeping the last Kardashies. I go through stages where I get real babyish and I hate even watching funny things on TV cos I’m like “What’s your problem, Haule?! Get on TV! Don’t watch it like a lemon-sucking asshole. Get on top of your unicorn and ride to the nearest studio and demand a starring role!” but I love me some KhloKhlo. Mmm mmm. Woman delight.

Oh yeah, so I fell asleep or whatever and then I woke up and rewatched it. Good, good. I liked. I laughed OL mad times.