While I can't really expel too much detail about this, I want to go on the record that I am another step closer to my primary career objective of "Wants to meet Tia and Tamara."

Today was supposed to be my last day of this temporary nanny assignment, but it has already bled onto tomorrow and Monday. I am very happy to be working for this mom and daughter, and really feel like this was a break that I needed, both personally and financially.

So I guess it doesn't really make sense that I applied for an important position through a well-known company in Beverly Hills and heard back almost immediately about interviewing.

I know you guys just come here to watch me liveblog my suicide, so I need to let you know it's probably not gonna happen this week. Sorry! Check back next week when my life will inevitably give me that reality check you all live for!

UPDATE: Hey! Thanks for all the comments informing me that I spelled "Tamera" wrong! I was unaware that you guys are spelling experts! Thank you for all your unbalanced responses to my post. I certainly didn’t mean to offend any of you with my lack of awareness re: television stars, nor did I intend to convey that I’m some sort of “revolutionary” in this department. Sorry to anyone who felt this post warranted a bitchy response— you seem to have a better grasp on mass-market, mainstream television than I do and for that, I applaud you with the hand that’s not wiping away my tears for you. :)