My new sleeping pattern has actually been pretty nice, despite how infantile and unproductive it's making me feel. Grown women shouldn't regularly be sleeping from 8 PM until 6 or 7 AM.

Tomorrow I have some job interviews in Thousand Oaks. At the rate I'm currently earning, I'll have replenished my budget within a little over a month (the budget that I dipped into with full confidence that I'd be so overqualified for any nanny jobs that snagging one would be a cinch, which led me to discovering how unrelentingly neurotic LA families are, which led me to deactivating my account and withdrawing my application from an A-list nanny agency, which led me to a brief desire to go back into teaching, which led me to spending money on the CBEST / CSET and all of the study supplies required, which led me to not wanting to work with kids anymore, which led me to a temp agency where I will undoubtedly rot in a cubicle for the rest of my life because all of my extracurricular dreams have been smothered by people who have abused and taken advantage of me and my time, which led me to this bout of manic depression and, thus, oversleeping.)

I guess there's always that go-to "stay at home wife / mom" gig but I hear that doesn't pay very well. Certainly not enough to afford my ideal drinking habits.