I'm so exhausted.

In an interesting turn of events, immediately after leaving the temp agency office, while simultaneously planning my funeral, I was contacted by my old agency about a temporary nanny position in my hometown this week... which I grabbed right away. I am excited to be working with a toddler again, even if it's only for a week. I miss those sweet baby snuggles and giggles and books and games.

Brad and I moved him out of his apartment this weekend... and back in with his parents. I wasn't feeling terribly sentimental about it until I remembered all of the important moments in the last several months of my life that took place there. And now all of his (dusty, all-black) furniture lives in a 10x10 storage unit.

I'm so grateful for this guy and his patience and his sense of humor and his hot bod.

He answered the ad that my heart put out that said "26 SWF seeks SM who just wants to watch New Girl all day" seven months ago.