I’m not someone you should ask for relationship advice, but I do know that if you plan on marrying him, you’re going to have lots of small fights in the future. Lots and lots and lots. And then some big fights. Probably lots of big fights, really. So if you can’t handle this, then how can you handle it happening over and over and over again? A marriage certificate isn’t some sacred parchment that rids marital unions of fights.

While anyone would deserve the truth of whether or not someone is having second thoughts, the way he presented the question of whether or not you are having second thoughts is clearly meant to guilt trip you. I would guess that you’re having second thoughts because you realize that isn’t fair at all, and he’s being downright catty. It's important to acknowledge when people are manipulating your feelings to justify their shitty behavior.

You say you don’t want to ruin the relationship because of "some dumb feeling," but it’s not some dumb feeling. It’s a lack of a dumb feeling. You don’t have those incessant butterflies anymore. You’re not blinded by love. For maybe the first time, you’re seeing this dude as a dude, and not some mythical creature who is going to save you from whatever you feel you need to be saved from.

I say wait it out for a few days and see how you feel then. Be honest about feeling hurt and confused, but don't make any decisions based on what was potentially a big mix-up.

Anyway, you guys should just know that my inbox has a lot of relationship questions in it and my answer to every single one of them is that you should break up with the person, because if you’re so fraught with worry and strife that you’re  finding comfort from a blogger… I mean, that just doesn’t sound like a great relationship.