I woke to SuMill urging me not to cut my bangs today. I've been wishy-washy about the topic for a few months. I really enjoy not having bangs, not to mention bangs are totally "out" right now. They require constant maintenance and are a pain to grow out. Plus my forehead makes them greasy. There are really no up sides to getting bangs again.

Still, I have a large forehead. I also used to weigh 15-20 pounds more than I do now. My diet is better and my face is less greasy. And I'd be getting them cut professionally, as opposed to in my room while drunk and watching Scrubs. And they do, after all, grow out.

Mercury is retrograde and I'm ruled by Mercury so my entire life is retrograde and you're not supposed to sign any contracts or make any changes during a retrograde unless the change you are making is a throwback to a previous time. That's the kicker here. Maybe if I cut my bangs this time, they'll be more bangin' than they ever have been in the history of bangs.

After I obsessed about that for a min, I saw an email from the Tennessee County Clerk telling me it's time to renew my car registration. LOL!!! Get fucked, TN County Clerk. I haven't been repping your state legally since August and I think it's time you recognized it & move on.

I’m going to BRUSH MY HAIR NOW and then I’m taking this love machine to Starbucks to get my write on. Homegirl has things on the horizon that ain’t bills/tears/sad feelings FOR ONCE. Plz email me your thoughts, but make sure they are before 9:00 AM PST because I'll be in #thechair by then and who knows what kinds of things I'm capable of doing to myself via a hairdresser on Halloween.