Here’s the thing:

When I blow up and start cashing huge paychecks (or even just like... my regular paychecks), I will buy a home in some reasonable town with a reasonable mortgage and not upgrade anything about my life, particularly… but I’m going to do this to my nails. As frequently as possible.

I don’t NEED anything. I don’t want anything either. Not multiple cars or multiple homes or dudes or bling or anything. I actually have been downsizing my life in almost every way lately, which includes throwing shit away, selling all my fancy dresses (like you can really wear the save DVF wrap dress more than six times before you start to feel like an asshole. It’s too distinct. Let’s go with basic black and colorful accessories in '14, Karin. What were you thinking in '13?) I want these nails, though.

I just want to pay my dumb mortgage, grow my own food in my dumb garden, feed my future animals, and have fly ass nails. And that’s generally what it takes to make me a happy person deep down, I think.