Working three jobs, even though combined they don't even add up to any worthwhile income, is really exhausting. I'm darting across town multiple times a day, often going from my hometown to Thousand Oaks and back within 5 or 6 hours. It's keeping me busy while I wait to hear back about a sudden career change I've decided to make.

Tomorrow I'm getting my birthday surprise from the guy I date. It's going to require being outside a lot and I have my suspicions, but let's just say I won't be chilling on the Internet much tomorrow.

So, I'm kinda excited about that. Plus I found my missing sunglasses. Most of my missing sunglasses. This week keeps getting better and bettter!

I spent $200 on gifts for people, but then someone gave me my coffee for free!

I found my missing sunglasses, but they are only good if I have a moment to leave the house!

I hate myself and want to die, but I hate myself and want to -- oh, wait.