this is my new thing

Friday, September 6, 2013

I’ve been doing this thing for about a month now and it’s technically disgusting.

OK, so… I’ve been buying tuna and eating it directly from the can with my fingers like I don’t have options. I have bowls. I have forks. I have a fair amount of class. Why I have developed this habit a month before I turn 27 is truly beyond me. It’s bizarre. Why do I only want to eat like a homeless person with a can opener?

My friend was telling me the other day that if you choose not to feel bad about shit then there’s nothing wrong with it. I actually don’t think that’s what she was saying, but that’s what I decided to take from it. So like, I’m putting this on my blog. I eat tuna from the can with my fingers every day because it makes me laugh and I love tuna. I’m deciding that it’s not a problem. I’ll grow out of it if I need to and if I don’t need to, then whatever.