Since my boyfriend's birthday is exactly two weeks after mine, it feels like the entire month of September is birthday month. We had a really great week and a half celebrating mine, but unfortunately the world doesn't revolve around me and it's his turn now. Doubly unfortunately, part of his birthday gift was me preordering the new Grand Theft Auto for him. I'm not sure if he'll be able to form sentences tonight when I take him to the Todd Barry show at Largo, but if you see me there with a tall, skinny, blonde zombie... please call for help.

I have a feeling I will be looking for a job until I either have to move into a women's shelter, I get something big, or I die.

And also? I’m tired of hearing about how there are no jobs and our economy is in the shitter. It’s hard to get up and face the day when you know it’s virtually hopeless. I’m over or underqualified for everything I’m applying to. By a lot. I either shouldn’t have graduated high school or should be finishing up my doctorate.

I am starting to be envious of the people who sell me my Diet Coke at 7-11 and that is a strange feeling for me.