Not 2 brag or anything, but this weekend I had the best shower of any of our lives. You guys know how I feel about showerz.

I had this really good feeling about the water being really hot. Like, I just knew it innately. It was gonna be hot. Some pipes are mad temperamental, always a guessing game. Not this weekend. This weekend I felt too in tune (aka 2 N 2N, which is a GREAT BAND NAME and/or LICENSE PLATE, by the way!) with life.  I showered in the morning after I got out of bed, because I can't go a day without showering in the morning... except today! I didn't shower today, which never happens. NEVER. HAPPENS. This is not hyperbole. I cannot remember a single instance since high school, outside of waking up at someone else’s house, of leaving the house without showering post-pajamas. (Okay, that’s a lie. But 4 times a year, max.) The process of going straight from PJs to real clothes without the buffer of a shower in between feels so foreign that I wonder how other people do it every day.

But then I decided at 6:30 PM to have another shower. Not in lieu of a morning shower, but in addition to my earlier shower. For the sake of recreation and status.

What are you Night Showerers doing with your lives?

Anyway, this shower suprassed all showers in terms of temperature and greatness. My epidermis was red and wrinkled like an idiot lobster who takes too hot showers, and it really hurt my skin-suit when I first got under the water, but it was worth it.

It was worth it.