I had the most Hollywood night last night and I can't even really believe that this is my story and that it really happened.

Part of dudefriend's birthday present, like I mentioned, was tickets to see Todd Barry do his Crowd Work Tour at Largo. Basically, it's Todd Barry standing up on stage and making fun of people in the audience for an hour and a half. I wrangled two of dudefriend's bffs (and their ladies) to join us.

We saw Charles Baker, aka SKINNY PETE, at Sushi on La Cienega which meant a lot because, well, he’s kind of like, iconic and fabulous. We all were doing embarrassing happy dances outside of the restaurant in direct eyesight of him, and decided to go grab a few glasses of wine at Largo before the show started.

I pounded a glass of Cab and in walked Clark Duke. Right? Clark Duke. IRL. Brad and I got a picture with the back of his head. He ended up sitting directly behind us at the show, which meant I ended up turning my head completely around every few minutes just to remind myself that this was my life in that moment.

Todd's opening acts were funnier than he was, though it wasn't his fault. The crowd, in general, was a big bucket of plain nobodies with nothing funny to talk about (save for the "band" in the front row, whose name was so tragically horrible that I can't even remember what they called themselves. They were "instrumental" and "on hiatus.") He did really well with what he was given and I respected that a lot. He saved his own show.

Afterwards we grabbed a few drinks at the bar next door. As we were leaving, we brushed asses with Todd and decided to executive produce the situation and talk to him for a minute.

He congratulated me on being what we've now dubbed as a "drunk nanny" (for that time a few weeks ago I got turned down for a job because of the things I wrote about on this blog, like drinking) and I told him I was a big fan of all things Todd and he was very pleasant. Like, a lot of people aren’t pleasant and if this was four years ago I would have had a full-on meltdown in front of him while he was eating his dinner, so I really have to applaud my growth and his pleasant behavior.

But the main point of this story is that I made eye contact with Skinny Pete and if you can't appreciate that, you're reading the wrong blog.