Have you ever heard Ryan Seacrest on the radio? I started listening to him when I was living in Nashville, because the van at my work that I drove when taking the kids to school had Sirius XM and I missed home, but I've listened to him a few times this week and I can’t believe how he reacts around celebrities. He practically orgasms all over the studio. Miley Cyrus called in one night and it was like two 12 year old girls gossiping with each other. He name drops like an idiot. He’s just so excited to be involved in the lives of famous people. I just imagine him lying in bed at night, going over his itinerary for who he’s interviewing the next day, with a gentle smile on his elfin face. “All of the Kardashians in this world were made for me,” he’ll whisper to himself. “Even Rob. Even Rob.”