final moments of 26

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Birthday weekend kickoff was a major (bipolar!) success!

Friday I spent crying all over my boyfriend about really important things like "I'm hungry!" and then when he took me to get food I cried because "Your plate is too close to me!" and then afterwards I demanded a nap and cried because "I'm bored!" and then cried on his shirt because he said "Um, you look like you're going to... cry...?" AND I DID!

Please picture me typing this while wearing like, 4 pairs of really cool sunglasses and 3 joints in between a bunch of my fingers and I guess dreads or something equally cool (I don’t know what cool is?) and not me with a really sour face that is about to turn 27 in a matter of hours. 

Anyway, I got another three and a half hours of being 26 and I expect $10 from anyone who reads my blog. It’s only fair.