At my elementary school, it was a tradition for the 4th grade class to write and perform their own original play. The year that it was my turn, the teachers chose “water” to be the topic. Water. Right?!

So we had to write these poems about water and then a composer came in and helped us turn our poems into songs. There was a rap song, a kind of rock-ish song and two slow jams. I was in one of the slow jam classes. Totally boring. But the rap class had the best song, by far. Even as an adult I look back and I’m like, “That was some quality shit.”

Ready? This was one part of the rap:

"I rap about water when I come, and when I come, I come strong. What we did can be undone, I know I’m right, not wrong."

"WHEN I COME, I COME STRONG"!? That was ALLOWED? A 4th grader originally wrote that line?! And then the Saugus Unified School District paid a man with a keyboard to set that line to music?!?!

I mean, seriously! How fortunate was my upbringing? 18 years later and that’s still probably the funniest thing that I’ve ever been a part of.

I want that on a CD.

Oh, and BTW, while this rap was going on, everyone else in the 4th grade was on either side of the stage waving their arms like waves and shaking rain sticks. What the hell is wilder than that?