Let me make your lives really real for a sec & describe my DMV situation to you.

If you live in Southern California, I highly recommend the Newhall DMV. Those employees knows what's up and have honestly no shits to give if you don't have your stuff together, which is a personal philosophy of mine and I respect that passion.

Let me stress this point: have your stuff together; bring too many documents; fill out your paperwork beforehand; be nice.

Yeah! The DMV is hot! It sucks to be there! Nothing cool ever happens! It sucks the life out of you for a few hours! It's expensive! The six people in line ahead of me (in the "appointments" line -- yeah, make an appointment) showed up on the wrong day. None of them had appointments yesterday. So they're wastin' everyone's precious time and takin' up space and ruinin' everyone's vibes.

I got to the front counter, already had my registration paperwork filled out, was smiling, and YOU KNOW WHAT? Front Counter Lady said she'd just file my CA license as "stolen" and then get me a "replacement" so I wouldn't have to take the test, spend extra money, waste more time, etc. They didn't even check my insurance / passport / bank statements / birth certificate / all that other crap I brought along to prove I legally live in the U.S.

Girl saved me over $100 and probably an additional hour just because I was nice and had my shit together. And you know what? Now I got brand new California plates on my car, a new license coming in the mail in 2 weeks, a new picture taken, my title transferred from TN to CA, and all accomplished in less than 2 hours. I legally changed the state that I live in. In less than two hours.

Y'all need to be changing your attitudes about the DMV and just, like, be a nice human being. You think those people enjoy working at the DMV? I was crackin' those ladies up.

Basically what I'm saying is it's probably your fault that your DMV experiences suck and you need to manifest your own destinies.

God bless.