I'm gonna go ahead and write about my No Comments blog policy because it came up today on Instagram and I respect my people enough to tell them what's up.

Several years ago, someone left the following comment on a blog post about my hair cut:
“you’re the most awful, annoying, despicable person on the internet.”
There was a time where I would lapse into a really gross place and engage with negative commenters on my blog, and after I was always like, “Why’d you do that, you idiot? Who cares what that jerk thinks or why they think it?” So, because I am avoidant with my feelings, I decided to nix the comments and force people to email me directly with their thoughts.

Because look. I know I’m not everyone's cup of tea. I tend to be self-absorbed, self-congratulatory (claps for me, claps for me, please), weird, morbid, inappropriate and flat-out raunchy.

However, I would like to take the time to finally dispute this person's claim that I am the most awful, annoying and despicable person on the Internet (which is a capitalized word, by the way, honey.)

I don’t know how long this person has had the Internet, but I’m guessing that it is a fairly recent thing. I could throw a stone down my Internet timeline and find ten other people that I hate-read because they are racist or spoiled or constantly posting photos of themselves or divulging deeply personal information about the people in their lives who may not even know that they’re being discussed in a public forum.

However, even those people are still not the worst people on the Internet. You ever heard of man-boy love? That’s men who have sex with little boys and they have a whole online community. You ever heard of the KKK? Not only do they have an active web presence, but they got a gift shop where they sell scrunchies and stuff. Scrunchies with racist sentiments on them are being sold online, yet I, somehow, am the worst person on the Internet.

Babyboo, find yourself a Google and poke around a bit. I’m sure you’ll find someone so much more annoying and so much more despicable than lil ol’ Karin and her silly personal blog filled with shit about her boring depression and her fingernails. I mean like, yeah, I’m not GREAT, I’ve been preaching that since the jump, but the worst?

Brotha please. Let’s be factual about our shit, okay?

So, in conclooge:

1) As if I give a shit about what you think about me!

2) I totally give a shit about what you think sometimes, so please consider that I’m a real person if you must say something to me.

3) I’m asking you to just kiss my ass and leave.