I did that thing again where I went to my guy's house on Thursday to make him dinner, and didn't come home until Sunday, where I left my laptop, and thus couldn't update at all for nearly 4 days because I was busy gettin' mad snugglish.

I also downed an entire bottle of almond champagne on Sunday night, and then allowed myself a burgeoning glass of red wine for the purpose of "I might not be blackout drunk yet," and then apparently -- APPARENTLY -- we went to get a Hot & Ready down the street and ate in excess while watching The League on Netflix until I was told to go to bed, after a few hours of which I awoke to find nearly all of my clothes lying in a trail of disappointment throughout the room I was staying in.

I showered, headed home to feed my dog, got picked up an hour later and set out to have a champagne brunch up in the desert with some old friends and can I just say, maybe all-you-can-eat Mexican food with several more glasses of champagne wasn't the absolute best decision to make after an all-night champagne & wine bender, but just to top all that off I decided I would take Brad to Telly's so we could eat cheeseburgers and fries and soda because certainly that would cure the uproar in my intestines because I’m trying a new diet where my primary sources of sustenance are greasy non-nutritious fast food and tears. It doesn’t matter because in like 2 days I’ll be shoving nutritious smoothies and obscure vegetables into my maw by the fistful again anyway, I’m sure, but I just wanted to let you know that if you eat lots of junk food and alcohol in one day, your intestines rebel and upheave any control you previously assumed you had over your body. 

I had a good time.