Hard to believe I've been home for two months now!

Since some of you have asked, I'll just tell you: yes, I am still doing job interviews, and no, I haven't found the right fit just yet. I was worried yesterday that I was being too selective, as if people have room to be selective about their jobs at my age... but enough people have talked me into the fact that, no, actually, I SHOULD BE. I got experience and sass for literal days, so my qualifications to make dat paper are higher than, like, any other bitch's. K?

On that note, I cancelled an interview yesterday with an exec from MTV because it wasn't going to be enough guaranteed hours per week. Tomorrow I have a "high profile" interview in LA which looks like it might be the same deal. I'm gonna follow through on the interview, though.

I've been stressed. Interviewing, though it comes easy to me, is always nerve-wracking, time-consuming, and getting a bit tiring. And I've had "meh" feelings about every potential job I've looked into so far.

I'm certainly not living on the street, and I'm in a really good place in my life right now. Honestly, the best I've been since I can even remember. I'm happy every single day. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the family I worked for in Nashville.

Maybe it's because I'm premenstrual (haha! I'm surprised you guys don't keep track of that by now!), maybe it's because I didn't sleep much last night (because I was with a boy, you guys!), or maybe it's because it's so damn hot outside, but I am feeling both optimistic and lethargic at the same time. It's a strange combination of feelings and I don't understand any of it and I think I'm going to consult some margaritas about it.