It's the beginning of the end, you guys. Corrie's flight lands right after I get off work tonight. I work tomorrow as usual, and then Friday the movers come. We'll be staying in my furniture-less house Friday night and then hitting the road as soon as we wake up Saturday.

It's finally happening.

I've had nonstop anxiety, and it's probably obvious due to my lack of effort / presence on my normal social media. My nightmares have been realistic, I have a hundred knots in my back / neck, I'm over tired, over caffeinated, under fed, and just in general very, very edgy.

I have a few minor loose ends to tie up at the rental house, but overall I'm packed and ready. It will be weird seeing everything put onto a truck on Friday. It will be even weirder sleeping in the empty house.

It won't be weird at all pulling out of that driveway with two middle fingers in the air, though. That'll feel super normal and great.

I haven't even thought about responding to emails; I'm planning on tackling some of them this coming Tuesday and Wednesday after I get back to LA and wake up from an Ambien coma.

Please send good thoughts so that I get through these next few days seamlessly.