I said the "F" word to my mother today. On Mother's Day.

Rather than thanking her for doing an excellent job raising me, and teaching me how to be an incredible young woman, and being there for me 24/sevs, and bringing clean jeans to me in high school whenever I'd get period all over the ones I wore in the morning... like... I sat and complained about Nashville. Like, as if she hasn't gotten enough of that. Like she has no idea or something. She totally does. She has all of the ideas.

I was describing a scenario where, even now, in my final days in this fuck hole of a town, there are rumors circulating that aren't even worth acknowledging on the Internet. And I says to her, I says, "You know, though? Like I'm so sick and tired of these fucking low-life fuckheads fucking with me and making me feel like a dumb fuck."

.....So not only was it the "F" word, it was like... several forms of the "F" word in varying degrees of "F" wordiness.

And she laughed and said, "Yeah? Well fuck everyone."

And really. Fuck all y'all.