I guess this is my third full day being back home. It honestly feels like it's already been a week.

I've already:
  • unpacked one suitcase
  • unloaded my entire car
  • continued hanging out with Corrie for at least 12 hours per day
  • been on a date (...with an actual boy)
  • slept for 12 solid hours
  • had guacamole at La Cocina
  • had Jamba Juice
  • watched the first 3 episodes of season 3 of Pretty Little Liars
  • had some mad politically incorrect meat for dinner
  • worn a bikini as underwear
I'm leaving on vacation to Oceanside tonight with some important people and won't be back until Monday night, I think. I'll try and keep up with some Instagramming (I'll try to respond to those comments), but I won't be bringing my laptop (so don't expect an email response anytime this month). Because vacation isn't for laptopping, you guys. Despite what I've always thought.