Back from my sweet little vacation with a bro I've known longer than I'm willing to admit and his fam. There was a lot of eating and napping, but I gotta tell you about this rock we saw while walking yesterday.

Cool, right? And it's so true. K does heart B.

You wanna know what doesn’t look cool? My legs. They don’t look cool. They’re covered in huge swollen bruises because I apparently threw my body in to a cement wall several times because I guess I’m not afraid to do that. I would have thought I would have been afraid to repeatedly slam my body into cement, but I’m actually not. I actually was probably better at that than most things I have ever done, maybe. I guess I have no regard for my own body or I’m just really committed. It’s probably the former because I definitely drink like, three Coke Zeros a day and sometimes when I’ve been drinking I’ll do drugs if you offer them to me. Just kiddin’, police and my mom.

I didn't really slam my body into cement. I was kidding about that, too. I have gigantic bruises and nobody knows why, except for when I do my air tambourine while driving and also Brad was squeezing that part of my thigh because he loves making me hate myself.

I'm really happy and slept with my window open and despite the wind being borderline violent last night, it feels so good to be home.

P.S. The bruises hurt so good. I would do it all again.