Yikes... remember on Thursday when I said I wouldn't have my laptop until today? Well... if I haven't responded to your email yet, I pinky swear I'm not a brat. Just hang in there and in the meantime, listen to one of my current faves:

Don't you feel better and less ignored? I hope so. I'm sorry. Some of you write me emails that change my entire day/week because they are so positive and caring and like... really real. A lot of times I read them on my iPhone when I'm out at the bar crying about my life or sitting in my bed watching my Kardashians or something, so trust me, they get to me, I just don't always have the will to write back with the tiny keypad and then by the time I get to my computer, your email has been buried in 100 other emails.

So for real: email me. I read them all. If I don't respond it's because you either totally offended/scared me (that's happened like... 10 times ever) or were so nice that you blew me away and I wanted to give you a proper response but then forgot because like 20 other things happened and then I got all flustered and flakey. And honestly, some of you really have given me a lot of hope for the universe. So like, yeah... Especially you high school girls. I don't know how you find me, but I love that you're here. Also, I didn't regularly drink or smoke pot until I got to college, so don't be some drug-head boozehound like me because you think it's the way to be. It's not. This is what happens when you spend the first 17 years of your life sitting on your hands, being afraid of your parents and trying hard in school and extracurriculars. Your day to guzzle cheap champagne with cute boys until 5 AM will come, but after a lot of hard work and actually acquiring reasons to make drinking worth the inevitable weight gain, hangovers and irreversible social embarrassment. 

But yeah, the emails. They're great. Thanks.