I fell asleep last night / this morning without changing out of my jeans and washing my face. I am pretty mad at myself because I'm trying to take better care of my face. And I ALWAYS take my pants off when I’m sleeping under my own roof, no matter how tired I am.

I don’t know, the point of me writing this is to delay me getting out of bed. I’ve been awake for over two hours now, but it’s so cold in my room because I like to set my air conditioning between "fuck the environment" and "straight up destroying Polar Bear homes." It is so cold that I can’t get out of bed. I’m wearing jeans and I have two giant, poofy comforters over me and I swear to you — I swear to you — I think I’m never happier than when it’s freezing and I just cuddle up with a giant blanket and more pillows than is necessary for one woman to own.

To put this all in perspective, it’s 60 degrees out... and will get into the 70 today. This is completely unnecessary. Also, I didn’t go outside and check a thermometer, because that would be ridiculous. I just Googled it. I Googled the weather instead of getting out of bed.

Actually, writing this all out, I’m pretty sure I’m just clinically depressed. I mean, I'm sure of that. I've been hit by a pretty bad depression bug recently, which I'm guessing is due to the mountain of stress I'm dealing with (which really is just a few little hills of tiny stresses that I am exaggerating because I don't know how else to deal with stress than to make it worse than it is.) I’m pretty sure that when the only thing that brings you joy is a warm bed in a freezing atmosphere, it just means you need a new perspective.

It is so cold. How long can I stay in this bed before my bladder explodes? Why don’t I care about the environment?