This was my actual, literal thought process as I was walking down the aisles of Target with a box of 80 tampons. 80!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

God, I still hate doing this. What if I know the person ringing me up? What if it’s an attractive guy I used to know vaguely or something? Would it be awkward? 80 tampons probably seems really excessive to someone who doesn’t know how much money my period costs me. Jesus Christ, tampons should be free and issued by the government. What if he asks me “what’s up?” “Oh, nothing. Just buying some condo—” Haha, condoms. Why did I almost say that? Wait… What if I accidentally DID say that? What would I say then? “Oh, I mean tampons. Tampons, condoms, whatever, they all get to my vagina somehow, right?” haha… Wait. No. Oh god, no, Karin, mentioning your vagina doesn’t break the awkward. It makes it more awkward. Oh god. Karin, stop thinking about your vagina.