The past week and a half has felt like an entire month, and this week shows no signs of ending anytime soon. This infuriates me. I have so much to do (even right now, I need to be leaving for a meeting, but I'm not, Internet. I'm on my blog like a crazy person.), so much to get done, so much to figure out, and so much to look forward to.

It's been kind of a secret that I am trying to move home, so I'll just come out with it: I'm trying to move home. A lot goes into moving across the country. More than the last time I did it. Much more. I'm stressed and don't really have anyone to talk to about it, except for my parents, who assure me that they are here for me and will come help me if need be, and a few friends, who assure me that they ARE coming. But isn't THAT stressful in itself? I just want all of my stuff packed and moved and I want to wake up and be done with it. Be done with Tennessee. Be done with it forever.

But I am a grown up woman and recognize that things aren't that easy. So I'm doing the grown up woman thing and taking it one step at a time. Which fucking sucks when you have the patience of a camel and the anxiety of a... pony?

There are a lot of emotions going into my Giving Up On Life in 2013, but most of them are being squashed by my desire to spend the foreseeable future drowned in a bath of attention from homosexual men on the west coast & writing music with my friend (who also recently Gave Up On Life and is in the same boat as me). It might not be permanent, but it'll be good. There's some comfort in the idea that I will move to Silverlake or something in my late 40s and be stabbed to death outside of my condo like a normal person.

Grown up woman camel pony. Late for an important meeting. Because she was on the Internet talking about gays and getting stabbed.