I want this to be my final rant about how much I hate Nashville

Thursday, March 14, 2013

You know those bitches who just, like, have mad secretary drama?

You know what that means? When someone has the time to stress over stuff that like, 80s secretaries and school office assistants would preoccupy themselves with? Like, all of a sudden you’re supposed to care that their co-workers sister’s former college roommate has cancer? Like we’re not all constantly dying of cancer? As in, they don’t realize that the very moments of your day that they’re explaining a strangers failing health to you that you are also rotting away and falling apart at the seems and you just really don’t have the time to give a shit about that right now, ma’am?

Or like, people who worry about other people’s crushes and personal lives and want to discuss them publicly with other people who don't know them. The people who get mad if they aren't the first to know something about someone they aren't even friends with. Or people who can’t get over the death of someone they didn’t know. Or want to explain something really funny that happened to their friend Alice once. And you’re like, “Who the fuck is Alice? Why do you think I care about Alice? Is Alice coming over with pizza?”

You know, just talkers.

So sick of all you talkers.