tomorrow is going 2 be awesome

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Breaking news: I decided to mix things up and pull into LA tomorrow.

First, I’m making a mix of totally awesome Bro Music. Like “Jungle Love” by Steve Miller Band and a bunch of CCR and probably “Glory Days” by The Boss. Then I’m getting Mark’s Honda Accord a sweet American flag car wrap sticker. Then I’m going to put on a silver bikini and cop some red, white, and blue pom poms.

We’re going to pull out of the parking garage at LAX with the mix blaring and with me hanging out of his sun roof, screaming and waving my pom poms while he’s driving decked out in a Hawaiian shirt.

Then, once we pull up to my parents' house, we’re going to keep the music pumping as we lay out some astroturf, a few lawn chairs and a mini grill. We’ll also have a cooler filled with meat and another with beer. We’ll totally make everyone chicken wings and tailgate our faces off for a non-existent football game. We’ll end the night with a fireworks display.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome.