Oh Lord Jesus it's a faaarrrr.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I try and stay really far away from my phone whenever I have been drinking heavily (or actually even drinking a little bit) because I text a bunch of people to tell them what I'm eating and send people pictures of my drunk face being drunk and it's just, all-around, a bad idea.

This past Sunday morning when I got home, I went through my phone to delete every conversation I started previously because I knew when I woke up, I was going to be Very Disappointed in myself, and that's just something I can't manage on the Great Pile of Sunday Feelings.

The issue is that on my new MacBook, the iMessages app has all of my text messages and does not auto-delete them when they are reaped from my phone. I thought I did a good job of x'ing them out in the morning, but my dad just texted me and I noticed that I missed one.

This is the only time I texted and didn’t remember it the next day, and it's because I thought it was a really great idea to take a muscle relaxer when I was really, kinda still drunk.

“Inc. U whioipps” - Me texting my dad while on muscle relaxers 2/17/13.