I have been reading up on the Chris Dorner thing because yo, that's my hood (he even lived in Thousand Oaks for a while!), and then on Huffington Post I saw a headline that said Seann William Scott ended his year-long engagement to some supermodel and I was like, 1) first of all, who gives a tallywhacker's tittyfuck about SWS anymore? and 2) why is this the recommended article after reading about a murdery ex-LAPD psycho?

I don’t know anything about these two as people, but I can tell you that their recent break up probably has something to do with the fact that they used to hang out at Swingers.

Swingers is a factory of bad feelings and the worst diner in LA, but the only one open late enough and frequented by cool enough people to still be “seen” after 3:00 AM.  One time I saw a wasted / coked out Paris Hilton, followed by the dude who played Jesse on Gilmore Girls. I also saw the lead singer of a band whose name I can’t even remember, Jason Schwartzman (who I have literally seen probably upwards of 50 times in the metro LA area), and Joseph Gordon Levitt. But the best night I ever had there ended with a friend and I accidentally eating dinner with this guy who had way too many muscles and whose friends I think were on a weird combo of drugs. I mean, I really thought about the drugs those dudes could have been on, and I’m still not sure I can pinpoint what was wrong with them. They weren’t in control enough to be on coke, but they weren’t annoying enough to be rolling. I really wasn’t sure. They were weird and that night sucked, though.

Yeah. So, I think that’s probably why they broke up.