i hate sundays

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Seriously. There is nothing worse than Sundays.

I ate an entire footlong sub today and then about 16 pieces of heart-shaped Butterfingers.

I can't believe it's already time for another work week. Feeling so, so, so depressed lately. Guilty, sad, unbalanced, weird, and generally icky. And lost. And lonely. Lonelier than usual.

I have a pounding headache. It could be from the blood that is leaking into my cranial cavity, slowly building in pressure around my brain until I stroke out and die in my sleep tonight.

Getting out of my car today, I hit my left temple on the corner of my door. Though it didn’t really hurt, my body apparently exaggerates as much as my mouth, because I violently jerked my head to the opposite side… sending my right temple directly into the frame of my car.

There is a small lump and it hurts when I try to wink really hard.

If I die tonight in my sleep, let them all know I died getting out of the car to do what I loved best: watching Titanic on TV while eating the Subway I went out to get and crying every time there was a quiver of a note of My Heart Will Go On because I’m about to start my period.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m gonna start bleeding in a day. I felt Titanic more than all of you.