Dear Beautiful Sensitive Lady,

One time you were drunk and you said to a friend, “I’m sorry if this sounds crazy, I’m just in a weird place right now,” and the friend replied by saying, “Karin, you’ve been in a weird place as long as I’ve known you.”

You take sleeping aids at 6:00 PM during the week and you don’t do yoga anymore even though that would help. You sometimes cry in inappropriate places because you don’t take time to cry in appropriate places. You haven’t updated your goals since every last one of them crumbled and died at your feet, and you need to think about that.

Beautiful Sensitive Lady, you’ve got it the best around as far as most are concerned, but you can never be truly happy for more than an hour or a day or sometimes a week, unless you are happy in a manic way, and that usually only happens when there are only things to be sad about and your nervous energy feels the need to overcompensate.

A nice stranger emailed you something that said, “You deserve this happiness,” and some days it makes you tear up, and other days it makes you angry, and most days you feel like it’s being condescending.

Beautiful Sensitive Lady, I am pretty sure that you will be this way for the rest of your life no matter how much you meditate or sleep on weekends or watch "Girls" or take a road trip with friends, as though you ever really allow yourself a chance to do these things wholeheartedly, and maybe it’s because you’re a Virgo.

With love and admiration,

Beautiful Sensitive Lady

P.S. It is cool that you own a loudly printed sofa and have a beach cruiser parked in your sun room, though. Beautiful Sensitive Teenager would think that’s really neat.