all the babies are in my womb

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm seriously ovulating right now and every single baby I come across makes my ovaries start convulsing and crying and knitting sweaters. My ovaries take their shirts off whenever a baby is nearby. This is exceptionally confusing because I work with three small children all day long, and have to go to Gymboree twice a week to see the extra cute age of kids.

ANYWAY, I’m looking up Irish/Gaelic baby names because I'm self-destructive and I see Searc. Which is a girl’s name pronounced Shark. It’s pronounced Shark and it stands for "love and affection."

Oh god, I hope my future husband / baby daddy is on board with this. Gotta get pregnant real stealth-like so I can fulfill my impulsive week-long ovulation-induced desire to have a Searc baby.