Was so busy all weekend hanging out with some friends.


Last night we had a girls sleepover with me, Kailee, and Lindsay. We wore our jams, drank champagne, ate pizza, laughed until we cried, and then laughed more as we were trying to fall asleep on the couches. It felt like we were 12 years old.

We were planning to get drunk and watch both Girls and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami together and paint our nails while I cry over all of the emotions that Girls and the Kardashians force me to experience, but I'm pretty hungover / feeling crappy, so now I’m here with the same nails as yesterday, still sort of drunk off the tequila and champagne I had last night, and singing “Landslide” to myself along with an instrumental track I found on YouTube.

This is a post about going with the flow.