justin bieber is my dream boy

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This picture of Justin Bieber smoking a fat blunt has been circling the Internet for a couple of days, and LOL. The comments that people leave on these pictures are hilarious. Concerned parents are ranting about how their children are going to start "doing drugs" because Justin "does drugs" and how he will end up in rehab by this time next year.

What?! You guys! It's marijuana... not methamphetamine. It's not even alcohol.

It's marijuana. It grows in the ground, naturally. If you look into it, it's really really, really not even that bad for you at all. The only real issues with marijuana are that, essentially, smoke in your lungs is bad for you, and it can temporarily impair your sensory reactions. So does Advil PM (which, by the way, is a legal, manufactured drug).

Marijuana is, like, not a "thing" to worry about teenagers experimenting with. Non-addictive, social drug experimentation with anything is fine and not really a thing to be ashamed or proud of. Just like, do it if you want.  It’s like cheeseburgers or trampolines. I enjoy both, but if my friend doesn’t want to try them out, I don’t think they’re necessarily missing out on something life-changing. And maybe neither are the safest things in the world, but it’s usually okay if you use in moderation and with proper safety securities put in place. Oh my gosh, I’m actually really surprised at how much drugs are like trampolines and cheeseburgers. I’m very good at giving advice!!!