I'm really sorry I subject you guys to all of my mental breakdowns. I mean... no, I'm not sorry. It's your fault that you keep coming back to read it.

Darien saved my ass by bringing over a hard drive to back up my Time Machine... for the first time ever. Yes, I have had this laptop since early 2008 and have never backed it up. All of my stuff is ready to transfer to a new laptop, but you see, once all of that was taken care of, my screen started working again. I'm not taking a chance on it, and will still probably get a new laptop this weekend and use this as a backup, but damn. Thank you for the one donation yesterday. I really appreciate that $10. I'll probably use it for "groceries" (hard alcohol).

Yesterday my dad was communicating with me via text messages using only Almost Famous quotes. When I told him about my laptop he responded with, "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."

After that, he forwarded some cute chain email to me, but told me that he BCC'd me so that his coworkers wouldn't get my email address and send me stupid things.

“Blind carbon copy my dick, mother fucker!” ...I’m ashamed that this came out of my mouth (brain?) just now for no reason other than “BCC me” didn’t feel like it would get my point across.  I’m not even secretly proud. I’ve been attempting to not be such a trashmouth lately and I’m kind of doing OK.

Anyway, I’m putting this here to hold myself accountable.