I shouldn't be surprised by this, because it's Texas (nothing against Texas. I'm not one of those people who hates Texas. I've always had a pretty swell time in Texas. It reminds me of driving and eating Subway while driving and also drinking Diet Coke and driving and laughing and singing in the car, so.) but man! Universities are allowing students to carry guns now!

What a totally unfunny joke, you guys! In the article I read (I already forgot the link, and I'm too lazy to go back and find it), Jeff Wentworth said something like it being strictly a matter of self-defense. Because nobody wants to see a repeat of Virginia Tech, or Columbine, or (oh my God) Newtown. Where some deranged, suicidal madman goes into a building and is able to pick off totally defenseless kids.

And like, yeah! I agree! That's totally scary and horrible and should not happen ever again. But that’s what campus cops are for! You can’t spot the crazies when everyone’s walking around with guns. That used to be the identifying trait of a crazy person! You see them acting weird and suspicious, you take 'em down to the station, you find them carrying a gun and then you KNEW that person’s unstable, right? Now they have nothin’ on 'em. They get to go home with their gun.

And like, I don’t know about you guys, but I was drunk a lot in college and so were all of my friends. Five dollars for a cup at the door, man. That’s cool, that’s what college is all about (besides learning.) Sometimes we’d get so drunk that there would be INSANE fights that were mad passionate because we were all up each other’s asses all the time.

I’m really glad that none of us had were allowed to have guns, I have to say. I’m really glad. Plus, that was just my distant circle of friends. Not my primary friends. Just the weird ones that I'd hang with if I was feeling particularly lonely. I used to roll with these super rich/semi famous musicians in LA sometimes that had such adult drama that I didn’t even know how to deal. We were on Vine in a fancy, gated condo complex and they had access to hot tubs and huge swimming pools and it was like Melrose Place or some shit. One of those kids would have FOR SURE gotten shot if we were allowed to have guns. They were on another level of emotion. I found out like, two years later, after I’d graduated from both school and that group of friends, that that level was called “cocaine” and I was pretty surprised, but whatever.
Oh, aaaaaaand I knew three people that were put on suicide watch freshman year.

Anyway, this is dumb. People should be doing something about this.