I must be ovulating because 90% of my thoughts are consumed by my desire to have children and stay home and cook all day.

Avery and I went to the craft store to buy more Valentine's Day stuff. I love Valentine's Day, although this year it might be a bit dreary. We bought $25 worth of paper straws (heart print, duh), glitter, candy, and more candy. Which brings me back to --> ovulating, probably.

Last night, my leg accidentally hit my laptop (I sleep with my laptop. Total cancer, I know.) and that error sound started "bonk!"ing at me cos my screen password was being input incorrectly each time because I was asleep. I guess I thought that meant it was morning, and so I started waking up and caught myself saying in the nastiest, most accusatory and angry voice, “Is my suit even pressed?!?”

You guys, I have multiple personalities for real. I don’t even own a suit. Who was I talking to? I’m disgusted by myself.