Holler back if you have spent over $4,000 in the past three days on a new laptop, airfare, rent, credit card bill, and a mattress. I still have to pay for taxes, my dental bill, car insurance, and my birth control (which comes to an additional $4,500).

Was so much fun saving up that money all year long only to blow it in 70 hours.

Sorry, everybody. I have nothing to write about. No, actually, I have a ton to write about. But I am too exhausted to even begin. I'm sort of at rock bottom right now. And in serious need of money. Like... serious need. Like, I don't think I can afford food. Which is kind of okay because I work out of someone's home and can eat some of their food. During the week. My gas tank is at about half, which means I have to power through until at least this weekend before I can fill it up with my paycheck.

I'm really at my end here. I have been completely bled dry. Emotionally and financially, I'm spent. It is so infuriating to work so hard for so long, and watching it all go up in flames right before my eyes. And whatever. Fine. That's how it is. Because when you're at rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. And sometimes when you hit rock bottom, ...you find diamonds?


I just liveblogged some divine intervention!!! I just liveblogged a miracle!