Golden Globes were amazing this year. Really, really amazing.

The best part was on the red carpet when Bryan Cranston described a fan letter he received where a woman told him about wanting to have sex with Aaron Paul, and have Bryan Cranston watch.  I live for those moments.

Lena Dunham deserves everything, and brought me to tears, and I also live for those moments. Although I did not like her dress. Which totally matters.

I spent the weekend doing almost nothing. I began a new design project, and then decorated for Valentine's Day.

We have been eating a lot better at home. Usually when Darien is home, I gain close to 6 pounds because he makes grilled cheese sandwiches and steaks and chickens and fries and lots of super rich food that sits in my gut for a few days. He's on a health kick and we've been eating primarily lean meats and vegetables. I have been eating so many sweet potatoes. But my pants are fitting super loose and I'm feeling way less bloaty and thick. Also, I’ve said this before, but I'm not really doing any diet to lose weight anymore. I don’t believe I need to lose any more weight (“OH MY GOD, WHAT A BITCH. CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE DOESN’T THINK SHE NEEDS TO LOSE WEIGHT?”) I just need to be good about drinking water because I get a big fat sodium face if I don’t. I spent the last two years eating right and exercising because I used to eat like a college boy when I was actually an adult woman and while I’m totally open to the idea of my own death, like… you know… It’s just smart business to make sure you’re eating healthful things.