everything fails

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I did that thing again last night where I wrote something in my phone's notepad feature so that I could elaborate on it when I woke up.

"Everything fails."

Damn. Damn. I have been, like, goin' thru 1 for a while now. And like, I don't want to totally go into this now due to the amount of high school girls who read this and I don't want to be responsible for any suicides but... just think about it. It's totally true.

We all want to have a purpose, right? We all want to leave some kind of impression on the world? Well, ultimately our lives fail and we die. So who cares? Why does it matter? It doesn't. Because no matter what you do, how hard you work, what you create, what you work for, what you wish on, who you love, who celebrates your work... it's going to disappear, and thus, it's gonna fail. Sure, some of us will be lucky enough to have our work touch other peoples' lives longer than the rest of us will. But then those people die. Everything dies. Everything fails.

Because nothing remains at the end.

Have a good one!